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A Lifetime of People

I am in awe of our great grandmother Veronica Lewandowski Maciejewski. She lived through so much!

This is what we know about the births, marriages, and deaths of herself, her descendants, and their spouses, throughout her lifetime!

Abt 1846 Birth Jan MACIEJEWSKI
Apr 1848 Birth Weronika E. LEWANDOWSKA
17 Feb 1883 Birth Antoni G. MACIEJEWSKI
1884 Immigration Jan MACIEJEWSKI
28 Feb 1885 Birth Konstanty MACIEJEWSKI
19 Oct 1886 Birth Wiktoria Dorota MACIEJEWSKA
27 Feb 1887 Birth Marya Anna SZCZEPAŃSKA
Ca 1888 Birth Mary J. KAJDASZ
10 Aug 1888 Birth Marya Magdalena MACIEJEWSKA
1890 Naturalization Jan MACIEJEWSKI
26 Jul 1891 Birth Anna Bonaventura MACIEJEWSKA
26 Aug 1894 Birth Ludwik Jan MACIEJEWSKI
Ca 1895 Birth Martha JANKOWSKI
30 Apr 1896 Death Jan MACIEJEWSKI
25-Nov-1906 Birth Telesfor T. MALINOWSKI
5-Aug-1907 Marriage Antoni G. MACIEJEWSKI and Marya Anna SZCZEPAŃSKA
13-May-1908 Birth Zofia Ludwika MACIEJEWSKI
18-Nov-1909 Birth Cecylia Anna MACIEJEWSKI
7-Dec-1909 Birth Edward J. LEWANDOWSKI
5-Apr-1910 Marriage Konstanty MACIEJEWSKI and Mary J. KAJDASZ
2-Apr-1911 Birth Franciszek Józef MACIEJEWSKI
5-Jan-1913 Birth Bernard Jan MACIEJEWSKI
23-Mar-1913 Birth Daniel A. MACIEJEWSKI
2-May-1913 Birth Jack Anthony RAYMOND
10-May-1913 Birth Władysława A. LUCZAK
27-Jun-1914 Birth Doris E. CHANDLER
1915 Birth Alojzy MACIEJEWSKI
28-Jun-1915 Birth Imelda Teresa MACIEJEWSKI
4-Oct-1915 Birth Anna RYCHNOWSKI
14-Feb-1916 Marriage Ludwik Jan MACIEJEWSKI and Martha JANKOWSKI
17-Aug-1916 Birth Henryk MACIEJEWSKI
17-Jun-1917 Death Alojzy MACIEJEWSKI
9-Aug-1917 Birth William Edward PFISTER
19-Nov-1917 Birth Antoni Jan MACIEJEWSKI
10-Mar-1918 Birth Genowefa MACIEJEWSKI
11-Jul-1919 Birth Helena MALCZEWSKI
29-Aug-1919 Birth Zora SHAPONICH
9-May-1921 Birth Ludwik Robert MACIEJEWSKI
10-Nov-1922 Birth Rose E. HARTZKE
28-Dec-1925 Birth Eugeniusz MACIEJEWSKI
12-Jul-1927 Birth John A. KYSER
26-Feb-1928 Birth Jan Marcin MACIEJEWSKI
26-Jun-1928 Marriage Telesfor T. MALINOWSKI and Cecylia Anna MACIEJEWSKI
17-Jul-1929 Birth Józef MALINOWSKI
17-Jul-1929 Death Józef MALINOWSKI
5-Aug-1929 Birth Ryta MACIEJEWSKA
5-Aug-1929 Death Ryta MACIEJEWSKA
15-Oct-1929 Birth James Layton CARR
8-May-1931 Birth Stanisława Zuzanna SKROK
6-Feb-1932 Birth Canisius Edwin (Ken) KROTH
14-Mar-1932 Birth Telesfor T. MALINOWSKI
1933 Birth Joan Carole SICHNER
23-Jan-1934 Marriage Franciszek Józef MACIEJEWSKI and Anna RYCHNOWSKI
26-Jun-1934 Marriage Edward J. LEWANDOWSKI and Imelda Teresa MACIEJEWSKI
6-Oct-1934 Birth Norbert Joseph MALINOWSKI
14-Nov-1934 Birth Alice Marie MACIEJEWSKI
26-Aug-1935 Birth Carolyn A. RITOLA
1936 Marriage William Edward PFISTER and Genowefa MACIEJEWSKI
Abt 1936 Birth Marilyn FRICANO
25-Nov-1936 Birth Doris Jean KITT
25-Nov-1936 Death Antoni G. MACIEJEWSKI
24-Mar-1937 Birth Lorraine Marie LEWANDOWSKI
Ca 1938 Birth Patricia PFISTER
2-Feb-1938 Death Ludwik Jan MACIEJEWSKI
Abt 1938 Marriage Daniel Maciejewski and Doris Chandler
1939 Birth Daniel A. WARNER
Ca 1939 Birth Kathleen PFISTER
14-Jan-1939 Marriage Henryk MACIEJEWSKI and Zora SHAPONICH
9-Apr-1939 Birth Ronald Francis MACIEJEWSKI
19-Jul-1939 Birth Kenneth Alan WARNER
Abt 1940 Birth Arthur C. WARNER
25-Mar-1940 Birth Madeline Anne
4-Jul-1940 Marriage Bernard Jan MACIEJEWSKI and Władysława A. LUCZAK
3-Apr-1941 Death Eugeniusz MACIEJEWSKI
7-Jun-1941 Marriage Antoni Jan MACIEJEWSKI and Helena MALCZEWSKI
6-Aug-1941 Birth Eugene Charles MACIEJEWSKI
31-Dec-1941 Birth Edward Eugene LEWANDOWSKI
3-Dec-1942 Birth Cynthia Joan LIPINSKI
6-Mar-1943 Birth Michael Bernard MACIEJEWSKI
19-Aug-1943 Birth Ann CONLIN
9-Dec-1943 Death Weronika E. LEWANDOWSKA


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