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Are we related?

My grandparents. great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents are at the top of the home page. If you have the same ancestor, then we are related!

Almost all of these people had other offspring, siblings, and cousins, so check out these family trees to see if there is someone you recognize!

Ancestor Trees

Family Trees


Comments on: "Are we related?" (8)

  1. Diane J said:

    What do you know about Michael Feduski? He is my grandfather.


    • Hello! My sister married your cousin, and her son has been interested in family history, so I have looked for information about the Feduski family. You have done a great job tracing the family here in America, but it has not been easy to go back in time. Changed names make it very difficult. Please keep us posted on your search!


  2. Michelle Kranz said:

    I have a Kalinowski who married Hedwig Szumilowski in the late 1870s or early 1880s in Sxembruk.. Trying to find out more. I also link to the Kalugiwicz family through the Cichocki family from Szembruk.


    • I do not recognize your names, yet. To see what I have found so far on the Kalinowski family in Szembruk, see “Kalinowska from Szembruk, West Prussia: Looking for Common Ancestors.”

      My great-grandparents Marcin Szczepański and Anna Kalinowska were married in Szembruk in 1878. The marriage register is available online at FamilySearch, at I looked before and after, but did not see Hedwig, which would have been Jadwiga in Polish. Some of the entries are very faded, though, and difficult to read.

      Good luck with your search!


      • Michelle Kranz said:

        I have found Hedwiga/Jadwiga’s Szumilowski/Szymilowski birth on the 22nd of Oct 1844 to Ludwig Szumilowski and Rosalie Macholz/owa. She then has an illegitimate child in 1881 called Rosalie. On her father Ludwig’s death record in 1884 in Szembruk she is noted as
        Hedwiga Kalinowski… I also have had no luck finding a marriage, I might have to check the surrounding villages. Thanks for your interesting site !


  3. Great job!


  4. Hello, I have used the Family Search links that you have to find many of my ancestors in Szembruk and the surrounding vicinity. Those records only go back so far. Have you found other resources that are of earlier dates? Thank you, Lin


    • Unfortunately, the records I found from the early 1800s appeared to be “catching up,” in which several children from one family were listed together. This seems to indicate that previous records had not been done or were not available. If you find any others, please share!


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